What kinds of Paper do you have for Paper Handbag?

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When it comes to the grams of Paper Handbag, anyone who has made a Handbag knows that before choosing a Handbag, they must choose the material so that they can finalize the grams together. Of course, how many grams is HandbagPaper Handbag? Generally experienced people will recommend you 250 grams, as for the paper, it may be different. Let's take a look.

250g - 350g whiteboard paper. In fact, the white board gives people a characteristic of white gloss on the front, while the back is mostly made of cardboard with grey background. The thickness of this paper is generally between 250g and 350g. This kind of paper is relatively cheap and Handbag is not used in general.

250-300 grams of white cardstock. When it comes to white card Paper, most people probably know that the paper is firm and thick, with high stiffness, not only is it resistant to breakage, but also it is very smooth. The paper is always flat, and the usual thickness is 250-300g. Now the most used in the market is 250g white card paper for Handbag, because it is printed on Paper Handbag. The color is not only full but also has a very nice texture, and this paper is a good choice for your customized Handbag.

300g coated paper. For coated paper, the paper surface is smooth and flat, and the whiteness is high, the smoothness is high, the gloss is good, and the printed pictures and pictures have a three-dimensional sense. The more commonly used thickness of 128g - 300g paper, under normal circumstances, 128g can be used as a picture album or promotional page printing, but the printing effect of 300g coated paper is the same as white card paper, full and bright color, compared with white card paper, its hardness is not as good as white card paper.

250g brown paper. Kraft paper has a high tensile force, high strength, and is brown and yellow, tear toughness is very good, rupture work and dynamic strength is very high, this kind of widely used in shopping bags and envelopes, commonly used kraft paper thickness between 120-300 grams, generally suitable for printing monochrome or two-color color uncomplicated manuscript, relative to white card, environmental protection kraft paper, coated paper, Yellow Kraft Paper Handbag is still cheaper in price.

150g environmentally friendly kraft paper. When it comes to environmental hand paper, high resistance to breakage, good toughness, evenness thickness color image stability, has a certain environmental protection to show the main, and this environmental protection paper pure wood pulp manufacturing, environmental non-toxic, environmental recyclable, and without lamination, is widely used to make environmental protection clothing Handbag, high-grade shopping bags, common thickness is generally 120g - 200g, But the Paper doesn't have brightness and glossiness, so this eco-friendly Paper Handbag doesn't fit in with printing ink that is too large.

The number of grams of Paper Handbag is the most common, but it is mostly white card paper used in the market. In terms of choice, it is relatively easy to print and make, because it is full and clear in printing, which is an indispensable way of publicity for enterprises and businesses.

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