Principle of Silicone Foldable Products

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With the popularity of Silicone daily necessities, more and more home Products are being replaced by silicone. Silicone Foldable Products is one of the silicone foldable products with its unique features. Narrow the use of space, very suitable for space spacing.

Now folding silicone bowl, folding silicone cup and a series of products have occupied a certain share of sales in the market, so its product folding is closely related, and this folding function also has a certain core technical problems, such as drawings, molds, silicone manufacturers will have a certain impact on the folding, Let's learn where the core features of Silicone Foldable Products are located.

The core function of Silicone Foldable Products lies in the design of silicone foldable products. If silicone foldable products are not able to properly control the folding points during the design of silicone foldable products, the folding points will fail. The thickness of the folding points determines the folding function of the product.

In the middle of each layer of folding pad interval and taper gradient depends on its function, in general, the thinnest point of the wall thickness is about 0.5-0.8MM, and the taper is generally in the overall 10-20 degrees or so according to the different products and products of different wall thickness to adjust.

Such as the silicone folding bowl in the folding must be forced on both sides of the thinnest point, a little force can flip, and the strength of the flip by the slanted wall thickness in the flip, so these two points are its main core problem, master the two skills that the design can not pass the kind of can be realized!

The mold of folding silicone cup produced by silica gel products manufacturers is also the main factor. For example, the mold is not uniform in the minimum position of folding position or the size tolerance of the whole circle is too large, which is likely to lead to the folding position damage of silicone products or unilateral press, so the mold also has certain problems!

The hardness of Silicone Foldable Products and the commissioning of silicone foldable products may lead to problems in the folding cup, such as hardness of silicone Foldable products. Many products range from 40 to 60 degrees, will lead to folding impact, second product vulcanization production is the same, if the product out of the mold in advance or not fully formed resulting in soft products is likely to appear soft unable to fold the image.

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