The advantages of Wood Flooring

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One third of people's time is spent in the bedroom. In addition to bedding, Flooring is what people have the most exposure to in the bedroom. According to people's requirements for quality of life, Wood Flooring has become the mainstream of home decoration floor material, which has been favored by millions of home users for a good reason:

1. Adjust the temperature

Wood Flooring can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity in the room to reduce the occurrence of rheumatic diseases. Besides, due to its low thermal conductivity, it has the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer (excellent insulation effect). Regardless of the seasons, if people sit on the Wood Flooring, they will feel very comfortable and won't feel cold or cold, especially if there are old people and children in the family.

2. Natural and environmental protection

Wood Flooring is made of natural trees with natural texture and fragrance, which can fully experience the breath of nature. Wood Flooring can also release negative ions which are good for human body. Basically does not contain other chemical components, so formaldehyde and other harmful substances are less, conducive to health. Its ring, texture can often constitute a beautiful picture, give a person a return to nature, return to the true feeling, no matter the texture has its own school, widely loved by people.

3. Reduce noise

Wood Flooring has functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, sound pressure reduction and residual noise time reduction, which will reduce the pollution of noise hazard. 

At the same time, Wood Flooring will be medium soft and medium rough, which can play a cushioning role.

4. not easy to condensation

Wood Flooring has the characteristics of non-dew formation and mildew, which can avoid the propagation of mites and reduce the occurrence of asthma disease, nose and skin allergy. Meanwhile, Wood Flooring will not contain insects and other microorganisms (insects and insect pupae have been killed through high temperature and high pressure.

5. Eliminate fatigue

Wood Flooring has moderate elasticity, which can ease the weight load of the steps and eliminate fatigue. Especially antique floor, but play the role of foot massage, dredge meridians, prolong life.

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