How to clean up a dirty Rubber Gym Flooring

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How do you clean up a dirty Rubber Gym Flooring

1. There are many ways to clean Rubber Gym Flooring. We can use a slightly wet mop first, use a special cleaning winch to wring out the excess water in the mop, then spray cleaning agent on the mop for wiping, and finally mop clean with a dry mop.

2. you can also use dry yarn mop, dust and stains on the floor, and then use a vacuum cleaner or a multifunctional wiping machine to remove the dust and scattered dirt on the ground.

What are the advantages of Rubber Gym Flooring

1. Rubber Gym Flooring is usually made of non-toxic materials, harmless substances, and all the surfaces have passed through. Antibacterial treatment, can effectively recycle resources.

2. Rubber Gym Flooring has excellent safety performance, first-class in insulation, resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. Rubber Gym Flooring has good anti-skid performance, and the ground is very soft, which can prevent personnel from slipping and falling. Even in the face of a big shock and can quickly rely on resilience.

4. The patterns and colors of Rubber Gym Flooring are very varied, which can be combined according to our requirements.

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